We introduce you new collection fall/winter 2018/2019. You, the people, are therefore the most important inspiration for this collection! Without you TONAK would not be what it is. Get new impulses from new collection and try enriching your style.

Every hat, baret or cap must have ts head. A head that belongs to a person who has found enjoyment in this beautiful fashion accessory, which has become an integral part of his or her personality. What is your most common inspiration when you are creating your outfit?

Are you trying to get your own concept of fashion to your outfits? Our last collection was inspired by magical places and travelling, not only throught our beautiful country, bualso our fascination with far off countries and cities, which are full of colours, fragrances and new impulses.


Add your personality to hat and this is the moment that fashion comes alive.

Fedora Stretti Wool

True enthusiasts will certainly notice news, which are the original striped „orio“ design or double hats, which combine two colours of felt.


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