Bestseller of the TONAK collection

Unique TONAK headgear is designed not to only guarantee refined style and quality, but also to fulfill the required functional criteria. Last but not least, we consistently and successfully focus on sustainability and the non-waste manufacturing process. TONAK production meets with the current themes of sustainability, ethics, and the overall concept of slow fashion.

Behind the production of TONAK headwear there are up to 150 production operations, 80 of which are entirely manual. TONAK is unique at processing input material from the start up to the final product. Everything takes place with the use of traditional technologies solely on the territory of the Czech Republic.

We preserve craftsmanship and, thanks to our know-how acquired over more than 220 years of existence, we know our products perfectly.


The timeless Fedora Marlene is the perfect choice for stylish personalities with a refined taste for fashion. Not surprisingly, it is one of our bestsellers.


From a wide range of felt hats, caps, berets, sewn hats, hobby hats such as hunting hats, western hats, top hats and bowler hats will choose everyone.

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