How do I determine hat size?

Measurement procedure1

The simplest way to find out your head size is measuring it with a tape measure. Always measure round the head above the ears where you want to wear your hat. Repeat the measuring several times around the widest part of the head. Do not tighten the tape measure too much.

Choosing your size2

If your measured value is between two sizes (such as 58.5 cm), always order a larger hat (size 59 in our example). A hat that is too big can be made smaller simply by inserting a thin strip of foam or a similar material under the sweatband.

One size fits all 3

If a hat size is specified as ‘one size fits all’, the hat has an elastic sweatband and is suitable for head sizes from 56 cm to 60 cm.

The principle

For international sizes S, M, L and XL look up the correct hat size in the attached size table:

Choose hat Choose baret

Table of hat sizes

XS 52 – 53 cm 9" - 9,5"
S 54 – 55 cm 10,5" - 11"
M 56 – 57 cm 11" - 11,5"
L 58 – 59 cm 12"
XL 60 – 61 cm 12,5"