We have decided to brighten this year’s summer collection with colors. Nature and everything around us serves us as a great inspiration. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be afraid that it will get too wild.

Have you noticed that both sea and ocean change their color with weather? They switch from blue through turquoise to various tones of grey… If you’d like to eat a chocolate, how many choices do you have? Is it even possible to pick the exact moment when the white color turns to cream

or takes an ivory shade? Our world is so bright and colorful! Let’s keep our eyes wide open, as children do, and let’s feel the beauty around us. And let’s bring this beauty to our wardrobes and let it become a part of the most beautiful game called Life!


Have you ever wondered how many shades of pink are there in a flamingo or a garden full of roses?

Brim Hat Rosea

Discover new luxurious materials such Japanese glazed paper or hand-braided strings of straw made into one of our hats.

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