Autumn/Winter Collection

The Fall / Winter 2019/2020 Collection is in itself a celebration of TONAK, since we have been producing headgear for people worldwide for 220 years. This is a 220 year old traditional production, top quality, handmade work and human experience that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The ones, who stand behind the brand are the greatest inspiration to us. We need these people so that the hats can even be made, so that you can wear them and thereby inspire your surroundings. So, celebrate the tradition, history and various professions that stand behind TONAK and allow this unique fashion accessory to exist.

There is also something for people, who love minimalism and fans of more distinct decorations. In addition to traditional shapes like the Fedora, Trilby or the Chloche, you can also look forward to flat-headed hats, called Boaters. The iconic and popular T-shape decoration is reflected throughout the whole Collection.


We are going back to the basic production of headgear in the same way as we are going back to the basic colours in our wardrobe. White, beige, grey and black are the pillars of this Collection.

Fedora Essence Twist

TONAK is headgear for people by people.

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