This collection bestows homage to the cultural wealth and traditional craft of the world, translating into an inexhaustible inspiration for us. All sensual experiences with which we can perceive music, shapes, colours, scents; in short, all the blessings of life permeate into our fall/winter 2020/2021 collection.

This collection speaks to you through melodies of rock, swing, but also strong tones of French chanson or opera. It is playful, different and its design makes headgear a purely exclusive affair. Exceptional shapes and decorations, emphasis on technical processing and quality of accessories. All this was reflected in each piece presented.

All sewn headgear is waterproof, windproof, and at the same time breathable and provides the highest wearing comfort whilst retaining the fashionable just-chic look.


Uniqueness of this collection will please even the most demanding fashion lovers. Whether your choice falls on the captain hat, beret, or hat, you will become a star in every situation. The combination of quality materials and new shappes pushes the collection beyond perfection.

Beret Dessi

TONAK – with love for traditional craftmanship and nature.


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