Summer Colletion

Decades of proven patterns, lines, colours and design stay in our wardrobe for years, inherited from generation to generation and gives fashion a different dimension. The whole collection wafts in natural hues that complement blue, yellow and old pink tones. Discover the magic of the TONAK summer collection and get inspired.

This is the feeling of inhaling fresh air in the forest, strolling through dewy grass and being carried away by the colourful scent of nature. And this is precisely what our new summer collection is like. It returns to basic natural materials such as linen, which for many years has been a traditional European crop with unique heat insulating characteristics.

New summer collection meets here with the current themes of sustainability, ethics and the overall concept of SLOW Fashion.


Classic hats with minimalist decor give the impression of quality materials such as glazed paper, ramie or straw. The hemp beret will protect you from the sun without getting hot.

Boater Sense Colore

TONAK – with love for traditional craftmanship and nature.

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